Colloquium: Dr. Yury Deshko

This week's colloquium will be held by Dr. Yury Deshko of Nokia. He will be giving a talk on "Making the Right Turn on Your Career Path." See this link for access to the zoom meeting. All are welcome to join and learn from this informative talk!

Abstract: The main goal of the talk will be to present to graduate and undergraduate students a (subjective) picture of opportunities and challenges existing in the transition from academia to industry. Using the field of silicon photonics as a specific example and sharing his own experience as an applied physicist/engineer, Dr. Yury Deshko would like to stimulate future job applicants to take a critical look at their path ahead. He will briefly review what NOKIA is doing, and what the photonics industry presents. The focus of the talk, however, will be on sharing his experience and advice with students. 

Published: Feb 16, 2021 12:34pm