Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Jon Jones

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Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Martin

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Robotics Club

Last year the department formed a new club called the Robotics Club and they are seeking new members for the 2019-2020 school year. The group has been...


The departmental curriculum combines fundamental physics courses with hands-on laboratory training and research projects. We have a dedicated faculty and staff that support such student participation with state-of-the-art research laboratories, observatories and other educational programs that will enhance the students' future professional prospects.

The flexibility of the curriculum permits interdisciplinary exploration, not only among the physics and astronomy disciplines, but also the other STEM fields such as biology, chemistry, geology, environmental sciences, mathematics and computer science. 

We expect our curriculum to result in physics graduates who are capable of applying and adapting their undergraduate education in a variety of scientific, teaching or engineering professions, as well as future educational endeavors.

Department Vision Statement

Our vision is to further the legacy of excellence in undergraduate teaching, continue the development of graduate programs, and grow scholarship that will position our department faculty and graduates as leaders in their respective fields. Please follow this link for more details on our department's mission.