Dr. Brooke C. Hester


  • BS (Mathematics) - Appalachian State University
  • MS (Applied Physics) - Appalachian State University
  • PhD (Chemical Physics) - University of Maryland, College Park

Areas of Research/Interest

Optical Tweezers, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Optical microscopy, Optical instrumentation, Nanoplasmonics, Biophysics

Background and Current work 

Brooke C. Hester is an optical physicist. Her research is based on building customized optical instruments for studying microscopic biological and physical systems.

She is the undergraduate program director for the Physics and Astronomy department. Dr. Hester is also involved in advocacy and grant work for women and minorities in STEM as well as physics outreach to the wider community. 

Selected Publications

D. Hammers, C. Donaghy, S. Heiss, L. Harris, J. Gordon, J. Stevens IV, L. Murray, A. Schwab, B. Hester, M. Culpepper, “Identification and Characterization of a DmoB Flavin Oxidoreductase from a Putative Two-Component DMS C-Monooxygenase,” ACS Omega (2020)

J. Burris, B. Hester, K. Mamola, “The Two-Bullet Problem with Constant Magnitude and Drag Force,” The Physics Teacher (2018)

S. Ciobotarescu, S. Bechelli, G. Rajanson, S. Migirdtich, B. Hester, N. Hurduc, V. Teboul. “Folding time dependence of the motions of a molecular motor diluted inside an amorphous medium,” Physical Review E (2018)

T. Foley, M. Pegram, Z. Jenkins, B. Hester, J. Burris, “Laser Soap Fountain,” The Physics Teacher, 53, 10 (2015)

B. Hester, J. Burris, “Another look at rocket thrust,” The Physics Teacher, 50, 534 (2012)

B. Hester, K. Helmerson, C. Lopez Mariscal C. Levin, R. Huska, N. J. Halas; "Tunable optical tweezers for wavelength-dependent measurements," Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 043114 (2012)

C. D. Taylor, T. W. Foley, A. N. Chang, S. Mowa, J. L. Burris, B. C. Hester. “Computer-automated program for calibration of optical tweezers”. Proc. SPIE 8498, 84980G (2012)



Title: She/Her/Hers, Undergraduate Program Director, Professor
Department: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-6550

Office address
Garwood Hall 213