Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Brady Pearce

Dr. Brady Pearce, a former student, is now teaching in our department. Dr. Pearce received both his BS and MS here at Appalachian and then went on to get his PhD from NC State. Prior to coming to back to Appalachian to teach, he was living in Oregon where he was working for Intel as a process development engineer. Pearce, originally interested in chemistry  found his path into physics in the field of material sciences. His favorite physics topic is semiconductor device physics, both optical and electronic. He said: It's pretty amazing to learn something like a band-gap of an direct semiconductor, do the math to figure out what wavelength that energy is, and then actually see that if you make an LED with that material, it will shine light with the color of that wavelength. We are excited that Dr. Pearce has decided to come back to our department as a lecturer.

Published: Sep 6, 2019 10:37am