First Year Seminar Class Lends a Helping Hand

Carla Ramsdell's first year seminar class, "The Inspired Engineer," met and split wood for five hours as a service learning work day at the Hunger and Health Coalition's "Helping Hands" wood lot on Thursday, October 19th, a service project the class voted on collectively.

The class also helped community members load firewood into their vehicles. Some students also traveled to other locations around the high country where they loaded donated logs for splitting in the future.

Since they were outside together and it was abundantly sunny, they also ran an experiment at the wood lot to test the efficiency of PV 7Watt portable solar panels, which they are studying as part of a unit on the future of energy.

As a follow-up activity for this pre-engineering class, they will study the Btu value of various wood species and study the evolution of the engineering and efficiency of a wood stove in class.

They wanted to thank the Hunger & Health Coalition for their work in preparing for the visit, including delicious homemade brownies, other snacks and drinks!

First year seminar class
Published: Oct 25, 2017 9:20am