Linderich Rides with Team Sunergy

Graduate student, Jonathan Linderich from Stuttgart, Germany, will be riding in the Team Sunergy car as they head to Bowling Green KY, Nashville TN and ultimately, Casper WY for the Electrek American Solar Challenge 2024! The trip consists of the Formula Sun Grand Prix in Kentucky and the American Solar Challenge from Tennessee to Wyoming. I am looking forward to seeing the car on the track for the first time after we pass the scrutineering. "I really enjoy working in the team because different people contribute to the progress and all ideas are considered to achieve the best possible result. I am most excited about the trip across the U.S. where we will meet students from all over the continent.", states Jonathan. When asked if he'd always had an interest in solar energy he responded, "The Solar Challenge excites me because it is a way of combining sustainable and car technologies. I am impressed about the speed which is achievable with a highly efficient car."

How did you become a member of Team Sunergy? 

I first went to a team meeting. The team leaders asked me about my interests and knowledge. I had some experience with building race cars from my undergraduate and graduate studies, but prior knowledge is not required. Depending on skills, tasks are assigned and support is provided. There was no application process, but the team is looking for passionate students. Jonathan is developing and commissioning the PCBs for the new electric system together with Jack Hughes (he recently graduated in our department) and Ari Romaldini (sustainable tech department). He also programmed some of the state machine of the car. 

Jonathan came to AppState after his undergraduate studies in Stuttgart/Germany, when he started studying at MCI in Innsbruck/Austria. AppState and MCI have a Dual Degree Cooperation for the Masters Degrees in Engineering Physics and Mechatronics and Smart Technologies. Jonathan is part of this program, which allows students from both universities to study at the other institution for two or three semesters. At the end of the program, a master's thesis is written and he will graduate from both universities. Dr. Sid Clements was one of the initiators and helped Jonathan plan his studies in the US. Dr. Clements teaches at MCI as a visiting professor, where Jonathan had the opportunity to meet him before coming to Boone.

If you'd like to see the car, come out to the send off on July 9th. Good luck to the team!



Published: Jun 27, 2024 1:59pm