Phase locking and noise-driven dynamics in a Josephson-junction electronic analog

Congratulations to three students at Appalachian - Sara Idris, Aeron McConnell, and Brian Opatosky who recently coauthored two articles in peer-reviewed journals. They completed this work with their research advisor Dr. François Amet. The first paper is titled "Phase locking and noise-driven dynamics in a Josephson-junction electronic analog" This article shows how an electronic circuit can replicate many of the properties of superconducting circuits called Josephson junctions. The group designed the circuit, built it, acquired data, and simulated a large part of the properties. This article is published in Physical Review B and is available at: Their second publication is titled "Multiterminal AC Josephson effect". This paper talks about the behavior of three terminal graphene devices with superconducting devices and in particular how the voltage across each pair of terminals can become quantized when the device is exposed to microwave radiation. Sara Idris and Aeron McConnell contributed to the nanofabrication of the devices and some of the simulations. This publication is available to read at:

Aeron McConnell and Brian Opatosky are now PhD students in physics at NCSU and Auburn University. Sara Idris will complete her graduate degree in engineering physics at Appalachian next Spring.

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Published: Dec 7, 2021 3:38pm