Ramsdell and Barrera have the FEVER!

After two years of research, writing, waiting for approvals, and revisions, Carla Ramsdell and Lila Barrera have finally recieved word that their paper has been published!

Culinary FEVER (Food Emissions Visualization Education Resource): A Unique Educational Tool to Empower the Public to Reimagine Food Choices for Environmental Sustainability

This paper provides an educational tool to help the public better understand the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the food they choose to eat on a daily basis. Using balloons filled with the
representative volume of GHGs emitted through the growth, harvest, production, and transportation of various food choices, participants are able to visualize the impact of their food choices without the burden
of analyzing a graph or table.

Want to learn more? Click the link to gain free access to the full article, including charts showing the amount of balloons filled from your dinner plans tonight. What do you think has more GHG emissions .... salmon or chicken, rice or potatoes? The combinations presented in this resource range from a bundle of 10 12-inch balloons to a bundle of 100! Please spread the word!

Carla Ramsdell, P.E.
Published: Dec 15, 2023 8:33am