Robert Frady returns to Kennedy Space Center

Robert Frady, an MS Engineering Physics student from Leicester, NC, will be heading back to NASA's Kennedy Space Center as an intern for the 2nd summer in a row.

Being in the Physics program and community here at APP has been a blast. Although I'm heading off to reach my goals, the journey has been just as worthwhile. I have been here since 2020 and completed both a BS in Applied Physics, and a MS in Engineering Physics. Along the way I have been given the opportunity to learn in Dr. Sid Clements research lab down at Kennedy Space Center via internship. That opportunity opened many doors and was proof to paper of how the skills I picked up were usefull in a career setting. I worked specifically in the ESPL (Electrostatics and Surface Physics Lab) on projects relating to dust mitigation and the development of tech to reduce hazards from stray voltages in space. My time at the base was wonderful and I made lasting connections in both the work environment and community. I am proud to say that even a year later, I am able to return to Kennedy a second time as an intern outside of faculty influence. This time I will be working in a similar field but different lab, studying volatiles emitted by lunar dust. The hope is to turn these opportunities into a full time position, because I feel like I am both a perfect fit for the job, and it is the perfect fit for me.

“It's always been a dream goal to work someplace like NASA and it's surreal to see it come into reality. But I know I couldn't have made it this far without all of my friends and found family in the Physics and Astronomy Department.” - Robert Frady

Robert received his BS Applied Physics, Math Minor, Chemistry Minor from AppState before moving on to the graduate program.

Robert Frady
Published: Mar 25, 2024 11:25am