SAFE Grant Student Spotlight: Forrest Myers, Physics and Astronomy

Forrest Myers was awarded the SAFE Grant to pursure his project titled "Optical trapping of gold nanoshells for studying optical binding” in Summer 2019.

With SAFE funding, Myers was able to spend part of his 2019 summer studying gold nanoshells as part of the BiyOSeF group at Appalachian State University. During that time Myers was able to practice alignment of the optical tweezer apparatus in campus labs and optimization of position detection. With the assistance of his mentor, Dr. Brooke Hester, associate professor, Physics and Astronomy, Myers measured the interparticle forces under differing conditions to find the conditions for maximized forces. Knowledge in these kinds of techniques gave Myers useful experience to more efficiently conduct later experiments. 

To learn more about his project check out this link.

Published: Feb 4, 2021 12:55pm