Student Spotlight: Tate Fleming

The department recently congratulated Dr. Amet and his fellow research students for their new publications. Tate Fleming, a student working in Dr. Amet's lab, was one of the co-authors listed on a publication. Read below to hear about how Tate began his research and the impact it has had on his academic career. 


Q: How did you begin your research with Dr. Amet?

A: I was taking math methods [PHY 3001: Analytical Methods in Physics] taught by Dr. Amet with a close friend of mine, Hengming Li, who happened to work with Dr. Amet researching condensed matter physics. I found it very intriguing when Li shared his research experience with me. After meeting with Dr. Amet and learning about the basics of the research and expectations, I decided to join the lab and start the training process. Two and a half years later, I am still ecstatic that I was given the chance to work in Dr. Amet’s research lab, as new opportunities continue to arise from this experience. Learning everything was demanding but acquiring useful results with hard work was – and still is – extremely satisfying. 


Q: How has this research and being published impacted you academically/personally?

A: Working for Dr. Amet has helped me tremendously throughout my last few years at Appalachian State. This position has assisted me in many ways including financially and intellectually. I have made lifelong connections with Dr. Amet, my coworkers, and collaborators. My knowledge of physics is broadened each day I enter the lab. Through working in the lab, I have obtained several skills that are necessary in many scientific and engineering fields, as well as everyday life. I have had the opportunity to present our research at two conferences and I am a coauthor in two publications of our research. Being able to share our findings and the processes we went through to attain results has been a meaningful experience.

Published: Oct 25, 2019 4:18pm