Students for Inclusive Excellence in STEM

Students in the Physics and Astronomy department have come together to form an inclusive excellence club. Students for Inclusive Excellence in STEM (SIE STEM) originally formed as an advisory board to Department Chair, Dr. Burris, but quickly developed into a student led club.  Seniors Hunter Stark and Jake Poler won senior awards for their work involved in being two of the founders of the club.  The primary focus of the club is to educate and promote inclusive excellence and diversity in all STEM departments through outreach and departmental involvement. 

"The Appalachian State Physics and Astronomy Department needs YOUR help to achieve INCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE!! 

We must all work to embrace the diversity of backgrounds, and perspectives of our peers, coworkers, and mentors. When we let down our barriers and begin to value one-another's differences GREAT things begin to happen! You, as an individual, will become closer with the ones whom you work with AND the department, as a whole, will become more successful! Our knowledge will be more refined, our ideas more diverse, and our friend groups more well rounded. Let's all pledge to make each other feel welcomed and to continually work towards our goal of inclusive excellence."

If this sounds like a club you would like to join email President Lia Phillips at for more information. We are very excited to see what this club can do for STEM!

Published: Jun 24, 2019 6:29pm