Summer Classes

Registration for 2019 summer and fall semesters is approaching. If you plan to stay in Boone for the summer, need more physics credit hours, or just love physics then sign up for some of the courses the department will be offering this summer! We are excited to be offering General Physics I, Physical Principals of Sustainability, Modern Physics II, The Physics of Food and Cooking, and Environucleonics in summer session one. For summer session two we will be offering General Physics 2. Also offered will be Analytical Physics II and Methods of Experimental Physics, two 10-week courses spanning over both summer sessions. Methods of Experimental Physics (Senior Seminar) will be prioritized to students graduating in August 2019.

Registration begins April 1st. If you are unsure how to register or when, please contact your assigned advisor. If you are unsure who your advisor is, contact Dr. Burris at and she will assign you one.

Use your summer to catch up on your degree requirements or take a fun physics course!

P&A Summer 2019 Courses
Published: Mar 25, 2019 5:27pm