Student Spotlight: Lia Phillips

Over the summer undergraduate student Lia Phillips completed an REU experience in Washington DC. Her project was titled: The Characterization and Computational Simulation of Graphitic Nanomaterials. She worked with functionalized graphene nanoplatelets and their ability to be used in practical gas sensing applications. The main focus of her project this summer was to distinguish between the functional groups present in the platelet samples using Raman Spectroscopy and machine learning. When asked about the experience she said: The REU experience has been fantastic, I've been able to meet with several other colleges and programs in the DC area, visit NASA Goddard, as well as attend local conferences and symposiums. I've also gained a lot in learning how to conduct research as a team and collaborating with other students. 

To learn more about undergraduate REU's, check out this link.

Published: Jul 26, 2019 8:57am