Physics and Astronomy Club


The Physics and Astronomy (PandA) Club is a student run club for both majors and non-majors. The primary focus of the club is to build a community of student and professionals interested in physics and astronomy as well as educate and inspire the community by actively participating in local outreach events.

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Robotics Clubimg_2764_1.jpg

Appalachian State Robotics Club is a collective of some of the brightest minds that Appalachian has to offer. Drawing from a diverse set of skills, majors, and backgrounds, the club hopes to be able to compete
against schools from around the nation and hopefully around the world. Through outreach in the local community, they encourage young minds to join STEM fields of study.




Students for Inclusive Excellence in STEM


The Appalachian State Physics and Astronomy Department needs YOUR help to achieve INCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE!! 

We must all work to embrace the diversity of backgrounds, and perspectives of our peers, coworkers, and mentors. When we let down our barriers and begin to value one-another's differences GREAT things begin to happen! You, as an individual, will become closer with the ones whom you work with AND the department, as a whole, will become more successful! Our knowledge will be more refined, our ideas more diverse, and our friend groups more well rounded. Let's all pledge to make each other feel welcomed and to continually work towards our goal of inclusive excellence.


Mountaineer Skywatching Club0e9aac77-8fb8-4619-af95-86cb5eaa6620bba3762c-68aa-49d6-af28-eb9a0ddba303.jpeg

The Mountaineer Skywatching Club is a group dedicated to sharing the wonder of the night sky with the Appalachian State community and Boone. We take trips to the parkway to gaze at the Milky Way, discuss the latest space news, and learn
about different aspects of amateur astronomy. We hope to see you under the stars!