Permits and Pre-Req Info

Looking for a waitlist form or need a special permit for a course? Please choose the appropriate section below.

Waitlist for AST 1001/1002, PHY 1101/1102, PHY 1103/1104, PHY 1812/1814, and PHY 1150/51:

If you have tried every 1000 level lab and lecture section and are unable to successfully register due to a lack of seats:

  • Build a schedule with other classes you need. Remember, the minimum for full-time status is twelve credit hours, but 15-16 is preferred.
  • Be flexible and look for places you can change your schedule to get a PHY or AST seat.
  • Fill out the Waitlist Form. This is the best way to reach us so we have the information needed to help you. This is not an automated process; please be patient and allow at least 24-48 hours for a reply (not including weekends). We will ask for additional information if needed. For efficiency, please do not email permit status inquiries. We will respond to the permits in the order they were received.
  • Please continue to search for open PHY or AST lab and lecture seats until the 5th day of the semester.  Most students will be seated before this point.
  • If you have reached out to the Physics and Astronomy department, be sure to frequently check your email for responses from

Be patient and stay calm. We are able to help most students into classes once registration has closed.

Permits for Other Common Registration Problems

You must have course instructor's permission before filling out these forms.

Permits for Other Courses:

If you are encountering errors while enrolling in a Physics course not listed above, a course that needs instructor or chair approval, or need something other than a capacity override permit for a 1000 level physics course, please fill out this permit request.

Time Conflict Override:

Fill out this form if you need a time conflict override for an asynchronous online course in physics or astronomy.  

You will receive an email with instructions on how to register for the course if you are able to receive a permit. 

Math Pre-Req Information

Will you waive the math prerequisites? What are the math prerequisites for your classes?

  • No, we do not waive the math prerequisites if they are not satisfied. This is for you. The main reason students do not succeed in our courses is because they do not have the necessary math skills.
  • AST 1001, PHY 1001, PHY 1150, and PHY 1103 all have a prerequisite of "Demonstrated Readiness for College-level Math." What does that mean? This means that you need to have a passing grade on the math placement test, an ACT math score of 22 or above, an SAT math score of 550 or above, or credit for any math or statistics course.
  • I can't get a seat in PHY 1103 and PHY 1101 without a seat in MAT 1020 or MAT 1025. But there's no seats left in those math classes. What do I do?: The math corequisite for PHY 1103 can be satisfied by taking the Calculus Readiness Placement test and scoring a 12 or higher. Once you take the placement test, it usually takes about 24 hours for it to show up in the system. Taking the test does not obligate you to take calculus. Although it is not in the course description, if you are unable to get a seat in PHY 1101 due to MAT 1020 or MAT 1025 lack of seats, and you take the Calculus Readiness Placement test and score 12 or higher, we will give you a permit to register for PHY 1101. 

I already took an AP math course in high school or a college class at another institution. Will my Math class will transfer and satisfy the math prerequisite?

  • AP Credit: You DO NOT need to take this test if you have Calculus I (MAT 1110) AP credit. If you are currently taking AP Calculus, you should take the Calculus Readiness Test anyway. Your AP credit will override your placement test score if you score a 3 or higher on your AP test.
  • Transfer Credit: You DO NOT have to take this test if you have college transfer credit for pre-calculus (MAT 1025) or Calculus I (MAT 1110).

What if I don’t have the required MAT credit?

  • Visit this page for instructions on taking the placement test.

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