Notable, active research projects include, but are not limited to:


Associated Faculty

Associated Facilities

ArcheoPhysics (Neanderthal Tool Characterization)Tonya S. Coffey Coffey UHV Laboratory
AppNano (Nano-Analysis and Fabrication Lab) 
Atmospheric Optical CharacterizationJames P. Sherman AppalAIR (Optics Lab) 
Early Universe PhysicsAnthony G. Calamai Ion Trap Laboratory 
Eclipsing Binary StarsDaniel B. Caton Dark Sky Observatory 
Electrostatics - e.g. Mars RoverJ. Sid Clements ASU Electrostatics Lab, Kennedy Space Center, FL 
Fluids / Granular Materials CouplingChristopher S. Thaxton Applied Fluids Laboratory 
Granular Flows and Sediment Transport (Computational, Experimental, and Field Research)Christopher S. Thaxton Naval Research Labs (Stennis SC, MS) 
Health Physics - OpticsJennifer L. Burris Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory 
Martian Atmosphere CharacterizationTonya S. Coffey Coffey UHV Laboratory
AppNano (Nano-Analysis and Fabrication Lab) 
Nano-Materials Fabrication and Characterization (multiple on-going projects) AppNano (Nano-Analysis and Fabrication Lab) 
Nano-Tribology and UHV Surface Characterization (multiple on-going projects)Tonya S. Coffey Coffey UHV Laboratory 
NASA Instrumentation (ongoing: Space Shuttle, etc.)J. Sid Clements ASU Electrostatics Lab, Kennedy Space Center, FL  
O/B Associations and Galactic structureMichael Briley National Optical Observatories 
Organic Electronics (Transistors and Photovoltaics) UHV Laboratories
Center for NanoPhase Materials Science 
Physics and Astronomy Education and PedagogyJohn E. Cockman
Patricia E. Allen 
ASU P&A Instructional and Demonstration Facilities
Rankin "GoTo" Instructional Astronomy Facility 
Regional Atmospheric ModelingChristopher S. Thaxton Applied Fluids Laboratory 
Statistical Analysis of Mountain StreamsChristopher S. Thaxton Applied Fluids Laboratory 
Stellar abundances and populationsMichael Briley Dark Sky Observatory 
Stellar Atmosphere and Earth Ionosphere ResearchAnthony G. Calamai Ion Trap Laboratory 
Stellar SpectroscopyRichard O. Gray Astronomy Instrumentation Development Laboratory 
Surface Physics (AFM, SEM, STM, STS, C-AFM, KPFM, etc)Tonya S. Coffey UHV Laboratories
AppNano (Nano-Analysis and Fabrication Lab) 
Trojan Planet ProjectDaniel B. Caton Dark Sky Observatory 

Other past projects include, but are not limited to, those disseminated in our students' Master's theses.