Undergraduate Programs

Collage of students doing physics experiments

Below is a listing of our current program offerings. The links lead to the curriculum program sheets for each emphasis area. 

Your strategy for graduation is as follows: You and your physics/astronomy advisor meet each semester to discuss the courses that you need to take to satisfy your general education requirements as well as the requirements for your major and your area of emphasis. Your advisor will specify your emphasis area on Degreeworks. Once this is done, you will be able to see progress toward completing your degree within Degreeworks in the "Major in Physics" and "Concentration in Physics" sections, appearing below the "General Education Requirements." If you need an advisor, please contact Dr. Brooke Hester (hesterbc@appstate.edu) and asked to be assigned one.

Physics - Applied Physics Concentration, BS (Non-Teaching)

With the following emphasis areas:

Physics, BA

Physics - Secondary Education Concentration, BS

  • Contact Dr. Tonya Coffey (coffeyts@appstate.edu)
  • Click here for more information about our Physics Secondary Education program. 

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