Undergraduate Programs

Collage of students doing physics experiments

Below is a listing of our current program offerings - the links lead to the curriculum program sheets for each emphasis area. Note that we are currently updating these sheets - the new ones will have the .xls and .pdf option.

Your strategy for graduation is as follows: You and your physics/astronomy advisor develop tentative versions of a "contract" which specifies the courses that you need to take to satisfy your general education requirements as well as the requirements for your major and your area of emphasis. The contract, which many times is not finalized until your junior or senior year, mirrors the B.S. checksheet but contains detailed information on the semester that you have taken (or plan to take) a course and the grade that you got. The second page of the contract is your "emphasis" checksheet, which always accompanies your B.S contract. The contract and emphasis checksheets are eventually packaged together and sent to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) usually by your Senior year for a "Senior Check" - the CAS team will check to make sure you have done everything you need to do, including satisfying your general education requirements, to graduate on time. Your General Education Program of Study and your Honors Program of Study (if you're an honors student) get attached to your contract as well. If you need an advisor, please contact Ms. Angela Owen (owenat@appstate.edu) and asked to be assigned one.

Here is an EXAMPLE CONTRACT [PDF] based on the B.S in Applied Physics checksheet and the Engineering Electronics emphasis checksheet. The general education checksheet and the honors checksheet (if applicable) would also accompany this document.

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