Honors Program

University Honors (9 s.h.)


  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 is required to be admitted.
  • Current ASU students may apply after completing one semester at ASU, but usually not after completing 45 semester hours, as this will not allow enough time for completion of the University Honors requirements of the Honors College. University Honors requires 24 semester hours of coursework
  • Visit the Honors College website.

Course Requirements

  • 9 Hours in University Honors: HON 1515 (3 s.h.), HON 2515 (3 s.h.), and HON 3515 (3 s.h.) (These three courses must span at least two of the three disciplinary areas: Humanities, Soc. Science, Nat. Science)
  • 9 additional hours of Honors coursework (for example, World Civilization, Honors General Psychology, Sophomore Honors Literature)
  • At least 3 hours of Honors credits in Physics
  • At least 3 hours credit for the Honors College Thesis/Project (either HON 4010 or college/departmental 4510), a capstone experience which must be examined and approved by the student's thesis committee. Students are expected to present a thesis defense as part of this experience. For more information about the Honors College Thesis/Project click here.
  • International education requirements: See the Honors Graduation Requirements for detail.

Departmental Honors (9 s.h.)


  • Minimum GPA of 3.45. To graduate with highest honors in Physics & Astronomy, a 3.65 overall GPA is required.
  • A grade of B or better is required for the written senior research thesis (a grade of A is required for highest honors).
  • The student must present results of the research thesis in a scholarly publication or at a professional meeting.
  • The student must take nine semester hours of honors credits, including PHY 3560 or AST 3560, PHY 4002, and PHY 4510 or AST 4510 (with a grade of "B" or higher).
  • The student must successfully complete PHY 4510 or AST 4510 (with a grade of "A").
  • Students may arrange to take specific additional physics and astronomy courses on an honors basis by negotiating an honors contract with the course instructor before class begins.

Additional information may be obtained from the departmental honors director (Dr. James Sherman at shermanjp@appstate.edu) or the departmental chair.