Pre-Engineering Program

 The Pre-Engineering program has been approved by the Subcommittee on Pre-Engineering of the University of North Carolina General Administration. If a student completes this program and meets all requirements, they may transfer and be accepted at any of the engineering programs at: North Carolina A & T State University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In addition, students may use this program to transfer to engineering programs outside the state of North Carolina. For further information see the Undergraduate Catalog or click here.

Pre-Engineering - an Important Message to Potential Students

"Pre-engineering" implies that you will transfer after the 1st (or possibly 2nd) year at Appalachian. This means that, on paper, you need not be concerned with meeting "general education" (gen. ed.) requirements at Appalachian – only those transferrable and applicable to your target program. Note however that a good number of pre-engineering students do not successfully transfer to an engineering program for various reasons (such as minimum GPA requirements), and are thus advised to complete a science degree in a "fall-back" department here at Appalachian, such as Physics, Chemistry, or Geology. This means that, in order to minimize the impact of a failed attempt to transfer, you really DO need to be concerned with meeting (i) Appalachian's gen. ed. requirements and (ii) the "fall-back" department curriculum requirements.

In addition, target engineering programs and institutions vary widely in the list of courses required or recommended for transfer. For example, many engineering programs do not require PHY 1151 or MAT beyond 1120 and/or do not have an equivalent course for TEC 1001 or CS 1440. Thus, it is critical that, while constructing the program of study, you and your advisor do so with an intimate understanding of the target program's requirements and the target institution's course equivalencies for major and general education courses.

The following semester course recommendations for the 1st year can be made based on the commonalities among most target programs (and it is ideal for transfer to Engineering at NC State).

Year 1 Pre-Engineering - Suggested Program of Study



Semester Hours

PHY 1150 (Analytical Physics I, section 410, 411, or 412)5
MAT 1110 (Calc I)4
ENG 1000 (English I, Expository Writing)3
UCO 1200 (section 186, the Inspired Engineer)3



Semester Hours

CHE 1101/11104
MAT 1120 (Calc II)4
ENG 2001 (English I, Intro. Writing Across the Curriculum)3
Other: PHY 1151, PE 1XXX, ECO 2030, CS 1440-

Other options may include MAT 2130 and ECO 2030 or other transferable science, math or gen. ed. courses with established equivalencies at the target institution namely, check for CS 1400/1440 and TEC/IND 1001.

After year 1, you can apply for transfer to the target institution. Courses for year 2 should be determined by you and your pre-engineering advisor(s) in Physics & Astronomy based on the above recommendations.

Useful links for formulating your pre-engineering curriculum include:

For more information on pre-engineering at Appalachian, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jennifer Burris at or 828-262-4956 or Dr. Tonya Coffey at or 828-262-2437.

For information on various engineering schools to which students have transferred in the past, click on the name of the school: