Catalog Topics

1 Mechanics
1G Newton's Second Law

Force, Mass, and Acceleration

Accelerated Reference Frames

1L Gravity
3 Oscillations and Waves
4 Thermodynamics
4C Change of State

PVT Surfaces

Phase Changes - Liquid to Solid

Phase Changes - Liquid to Gas

Cooling by Evaporation

Vapor Pressure

4D Molecular motion
5 Electricity and Magnetism
5D Resistance

Resistance Characteristics

Resistivity and Temperature

Conduction in Solutions

Conduction in Gasses

5J Inductance
5L AC Circuits

Miscellaneous Instruments

RLC Circuits - AC

6 Optics
6C Diffraction
6D Interference
6H Polarization
7 Modern
7A Quantum
7B Atomic

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